Energy Sector Private Equity Report 2024

Private equity firms are investing across the entire energy transition value chain, with sector deals increasing by over +40% in five years.

In this report, we’ll examine private equity investment and operating trends across the energy sector, as defined by the energy, mining, utilities, and oil & gas industries. PE firms have a long history of investing in the energy sector – from traditional producers, such as oil & gas, to companies up-and-down the value chain including storage, transportation, equipment, and technology.

More recently, PE firms have been increasing their exposure to renewable energy, investing over $130 billion over the last decade. However, this investment has been incremental, and not displacing, continued investments in traditional energy sources.

The sections covered in this 2,500+ word deep dive into the energy sector include:

  • Market Landscape
  • Investment Trends
  • Technology Innovation
  • Regulatory Concerns
  • Challenges & Risks
  • Opportunities & Future Outlook

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