Profile of KKR's Capstone Operating Group

An inside look at the skills and career paths of KKR's top operating executives.

KKR’s portfolio operations team is known as KKR Capstone. The firm describes it as a “center of excellence” that drives “trajectory-changing operational improvements in KKR portfolio companies.” KKR Capstone is one of the largest operating groups in the private equity industry, with over 100 full-time operators who support 263 portfolio companies. However, achieving the role of managing director in the group is rarified air. 

This profile examines the skills, experience, and career paths of managing directors in KKR's portfolio operations group, KKR Capstone.

There are 55 managing directors in KKR’s private equity practice, of which 11 work in the Capstone group. For comparison, Blackstone has nearly three times as many managing directors in its portfolio operations group, even though it manages roughly the same number of companies in its portfolio. This suggests that KKR might be more selective about promoting individuals to the role of managing director, or they might simply prefer to have fewer MDs in the firm.

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