Private Equity Buyouts Report: Q2 2023

Private Equity Buyouts Report: Q2 2023

Private equity buyout activity hit an all-time high in Western Europe and in the global Services sector.

What's Included

Global Buyout Trends

  • Global Buyout Activity
  • Value of Global Buyouts
  • Average Global Buyout Size
  • YoY Change in Global Buyout Size

Regional Buyout Trends

  • Buyout Activity by Region
  • Value of Buyouts by Region
  • Average Buyout Size by Region
  • YoY Change in Buyout Size by Region

Sector Buyout Trends

  • Buyout Activity by Sector
  • Value of Buyouts by Sector
  • Average Buyout Size by Sector
  • YoY Change in Buyout Size by Sector

Key Findings

  • Cautious Capital Deployment: Private equity firms deployed $195.1 billion of capital globally in Q2 2023, showing renewed investor confidence with an increase over the previous three quarters, despite recent pullbacks and tighter lending conditions due to higher interest rates.
  • Small, High-Volume Deals: Despite higher global capital deployment, there's been a rise in the number of smaller deals, with a record-breaking 1,940 buyout deals done globally in Q2 2023, suggesting economic uncertainty and high interest rates are discouraging larger, blockbuster deals.
  • Funds Target West Europe: 80% ($156.1 billion) of the capital deployed globally in Q2 2023 was spent in either Western Europe or North America. Interestingly, Western Europe attracted $84.1 billion of PE investment, 2x the average quarterly investment of the past decade, eclipsing North America.
  • Services Sector in Spotlight: Among the sectors, Services attracted the most capital in Q2 2023 ($60.2 billion), while Technology continued to see the most buyout deal activity with 671 deals globally, despite a significant decrease in average buyout deal size to $40 million.

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