Private Equity Case Study: Dell Technologies

How Michael Dell and Silver Lake pulled-off an aggressive turnaround of Dell Technologies.

This 2,500+ word case study is a deep dive into the turnaround of Dell Technologies between 2013-2018. Through extensive research and interviews, we’re able to identify the value creation methods that helped transform Dell Technologies from a struggling PC-maker with declining sales to a high-margin enterprise solutions provider. Operating partners and PE-backed executives can apply these value creation best practices to other companies that are experiencing similar challenges in their industries.


In the early 2010s, Dell Technologies, once a leader in the personal computing industry, was facing numerous challenges. The company was struggling with declining PC sales, intense competition from rivals like Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple, and a rapidly changing technology landscape favoring mobile devices and cloud computing. Dell's stock price was underperforming, reflecting its stagnating growth and poor market positioning. 

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